«Medicine of the Person»
sees the patient as a physical, mental and emotional unity in his family and other social surroundings.

It is the expression of an attitude towards the patient regardless to the specific qualification of the doctor or of the function of a therapist.



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01 Paul-Tournier-Award
1st Paul-Tournier-Award awarded at 10th Geneva Conference on Person-Centered Medicine (May 8 -10, 2017)
Meeting 2017, 16th – 19th August, in Montmirail, Thielle, Switzerland
02 Meeting 2017, 16th – 19th August, in Montmirail, Thielle, Switzerland
This year, we will be discussing "When medical care prejudices quality of life"
Autumn letter 2016
03 Autumn letter 2016
reflections on Pilgrim Hall

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